Here are the answers to many of the questions we get asked 

We offer free trial periods in September, January and immediately after Easter to try out scouting,* before you need to pay anything, or buy a uniform.

One exception is if you go on a residential event within the trial period. Then you do need to pay the FOS fee element before that date. (around €32)

Adults can also have a trial if they'd like to see if being a leader or helper is for them!

Only one free trial period is possible- we cannot extend it once you've accepted a space, if for some reason you don't start as planned.

* normally we only accept newcomers at these times- if we invite you to join at a different time of year we will tell you the dates of your trial period.

 NO-  because we don't have our own accommodation. We meet in 2 schools or occasionally in other rented halls 

Check out for scout campsites

With the exception of Squirrels all our sections have their regular meetings on weekday evenings.

Tip; the days and times for each section are shown underneath every page.

We do have occasional weekend activities

No, a lot of our members are not British.
BUT we are not a language school and we do expect everyone to be able to speak/understand a reasonable level of English before they start.  It is not safe for young people if they can't understand safety instructions, and not much fun, if they don't understand what's happening.

That's difficult to predict.

It depends on which age group you want to join, and which time.  If there is plenty of space you may get an immediate offer for the start of next term. The more flexible you are about timing, the quicker you are likely to get a space. 

Do check if there is another group closer to home (Central Brussels, Waterloo, or SHAPE) Usually families find it easier to attend closer to home, especially with the rush hour traffic you might encounter around Brussels.

Sections have a limit to how many young people they can accommodate, due to the size of the room and adult to child ratios. This differs depending on age.

It's unnecessary to rejoin the list to move up to the next section(unless you take a break)  those transfers happen before newcomers join.

In the event there are more young people wanting to join, then space available;

We give priority

  • To students from both our host schools- but you do need to sign up in time, as we won't withdraw a space from someone else, if you ask later!
  • To one child if a parent has an active leadership or other regular volunteer role in 1st Brussels. That's because we need our volunteers in order to operate!
  • To those with siblings in the group, as its much easier with everyone in the same group
  • Transfers in from Scouts elsewhere, because they're already members of scouting and we want the same for our members who move elsewhere.
  • To those who live closest to us, rather than closer to another group, as often people end up giving up due to travel  issues or want to transfer later. Do tell us if you're planning to move closer, or have another reason for choosing 1st Brussels, for example you go to school in Tervuren. 

That's a lot of priorities and I don't seem to be on the list!   Don't worry!  Usually we manage to offer every child  a space within a year,  providing they are old enough and are already in Belgium!
However that may not be the case for Squirrels as we have just started and spaces are very limited right now. We have no idea about when we will be able to expand provision or offer a different time.

IF your child is approaching the age for the next section, they will automatically be considered for a space there instead. 


Our annual fees per child are in the region of €145 

That covers membership of 2 scout organisations,  rental, equipment, badges and neckers, websites etc

In addition there are costs for special events, like camps and sleepovers, excursions  and you will need to buy your own uniform top.

We don't want finances to prevent anyone from becoming a scout, or taking part in activities. Please do speak to your leader in confidence if you need some help.



How many overnights depends on your child's age and what the section can organise. To take young people away overnight a leader needs to have the correct training and permit, and of course other adults to offer support.

In Squirrels we are not currently allowed to go away overnight, but that is changing in 2023

In Beavers they try and organise 2 weekends per year 1 camp and 1 sleepover indoors.

In Cubs there are usually 3 weekends per year; 2 camps and 1 indoor event.

In Scouts there are anything from 3-5 weekends and we also try to offer a summer camp either locally or through the area.


Please check out the information under members 'shop' for all the details about how and where to buy uniform

If in doubt speak to your section leader.

Our regular meeting places are either the British School of Brussels  or  ISF Tervuren both of which are in 3080 Tervuren. South East of Brussels.

We may meet in another local hall, if the school hall isn't available.

Sometimes sections will meet outdoors in the park, or elsewhere for a hike  Your section leader will let you know if they're meeting elsewhere

Please check out the section page for your child and click on 'uniform' in the links- there is a diagram showing where to place your badges


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