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Give a little time and build Skills for Life.

A Scout Group in the Heart of Europe!

We are members of both British Scouting Overseas and FOS Open Scouting, a Belgian Scout Organisation.

What makes up a Group?

A team of volunteer leader and assistants who run our each of our sections, organising the weekly meetings, activities, sleepovers, camps 

A team of adults, called the Trustees who work behind the scenes, looking after equipment, finances, badges, helping to organise events and much more.

A Group Scout Leader (GSL) who coordinates these teams

But most importantly we have all the young people who take part and families who support them.

As an International group we have families coming and going all the time.

We can always use more help, whether that's on one of the teams, as a one off, or on a rota.

Please do speak to your leader or to our GSL to see where you would fit in!

Where are we?

Our regular meeting places are all in the Tervuren area


Various halls
3080 Tervuren

News & Blogs

Back in April 2022 our group started our Squirrel adventure.

We had a lot of fun learning, with the young people, what they enjoyed and how to adapt to the younger age group (4-5 years ).

What Squirrels enjoyed turned out to be a lot like what the other sections enjoy;

Games, food, exploring outdoors, building dens, making things, science experiments, badges and campfires... They also love stories.

Our first Drey is full to overflowing and a lot of young people do other things on Saturdays, so to meet demand we're starting a second Drey on Wednesday evenings at 5pm

We already have a small team for Wednesday, but are looking for additional adults, as many hands make light work, and occasionally volunteers can't attend.

We currently have a large team for Saturday Squirrels, but there are also spaces elsewhere in the group. If you would like to help please get in touch.


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"With regard to the impending closure of British Girlguiding Overseas (BGO) on September 1st (see, we recognise the significance of this transition for all involved. British Scouting Overseas (BSO) had been hoping for a resolution to secure BGO's continuation. Unfortunately, despite our hopes, that solution has eluded BGO.

Our area and district are doing their best to support those BGO leaders and young people who wish to join scouting as our associations have many shared values and goals. Many of our female leaders were in Girlguiding as young people.

Locally we are discussing the future with our district, the guiding District Commissioner and our other leaders.  We hope that the 3rd Brussels Brownies/Guides who meet met at St Anthony's on a Tuesday will be able to become a Cubs/Scouts section soon.  
We are looking for leaders who can open a second Squirrels section on Wednesdays (venue British School of Brussels) which could accommodate some Rainbows and other young people from our current waiting list. 

We unfortunately cannot transition all of the existing BSB Girlguiding over to Scouts, as it is not viable for all the adult volunteers and/or girls to move to scouting, due to their personal circumstances. 

Some Girlguiding members have joined waiting lists for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers for 1st Brussels or with Central Brussels and we have started offering spaces..

If your family has been affected and you would like to join us please do sign up! Do let us know your place and time preferences and that you were a BGO member.
We can't promise everyone an instant place- but we are looking for additional adults to help expand provision where needed."


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It was great to see around 150 people at our Light up the Forest event this November.

Both from 1st Brussels, Central Brussels, 1st Waterloo and Danish Scouts

Everyone enjoyed the BBQ, lanterns and Campfire

The scouts also enjoyed lazertag. Our EU was camping and did a fantastic job of catering for the BBQ, a big thanks to them.
Sunday morning they hiked to the Remembrance service in Oud Heverlee from the campsite.


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Welcome to our new website. 

We’ll be using the website to promote ourselves, recruit members and leaders, advertise events, keep you informed of our news and display our photo albums. Keep visiting the website to stay up to date.

The site isn't finished yet... over the summer we'll be adding more material, so by the time we restart in September it should be ready to go!

We hope you like it.. 

Could you be our intrepid reporter for your section? Keeping your eyes on what's happening, taking a few pictures and letting people see what we are doing?

Reporters can be young people, parents or  leaders. Or you could get together with your scouting friends and decide what you want to say.  Please let us know if you could help by sending us some news once a month.

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