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Blog | New Squirrels Drey opening
By Helen Williamson

Back in April 2022 our group started our Squirrel adventure.

We had a lot of fun learning, with the young people, what they enjoyed and how to adapt to the younger age group (4-5 years ).

What Squirrels enjoyed turned out to be a lot like what the other sections enjoy;

Games, food, exploring outdoors, building dens, making things, science experiments, badges and campfires... They also love stories.

Our first Drey is full to overflowing and a lot of young people do other things on Saturdays, so to meet demand we're starting a second Drey on Wednesday evenings at 5pm

We already have a small team for Wednesday, but are looking for additional adults, as many hands make light work, and occasionally volunteers can't attend.

We currently have a large team for Saturday Squirrels, but there are also spaces elsewhere in the group. If you would like to help please get in touch.



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